Words to Grin By

A clever word makes for a good day

Whizbang is as whizbang does

Latest word is whizbang as in “he did a whizbang job”.  Where did this word come from?  Anybody know?  What a fun word to say!  You can hard pronounce the “W”, stress the “z”, hard pronounce the “b”, or stress the “a”.  So many options!  It sounds like a 1940’s word to me.  I didn’t look it up but surely everyone knows what it means when it is used in a sentence.  Webster probably says this word is used to describe something super!  fantastic!  great! phenomenal!  But … does anyone use it anymore?  I, for one, am going to make a special effort to include it in my outloud vocabulary to see how it feels, and to see if anyone notices.  I will let you know how it goes…

Hope you are having a whizbang holiday season!


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