Words to Grin By

A clever word makes for a good day


oooh, this just rolls off my tongue.   A bit edgy, a bit bold and a word I love to use.


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Whizbang is as whizbang does

Latest word is whizbang as in “he did a whizbang job”.  Where did this word come from?  Anybody know?  What a fun word to say!  You can hard pronounce the “W”, stress the “z”, hard pronounce the “b”, or stress the “a”.  So many options!  It sounds like a 1940’s word to me.  I didn’t look it up but surely everyone knows what it means when it is used in a sentence.  Webster probably says this word is used to describe something super!  fantastic!  great! phenomenal!  But … does anyone use it anymore?  I, for one, am going to make a special effort to include it in my outloud vocabulary to see how it feels, and to see if anyone notices.  I will let you know how it goes…

Hope you are having a whizbang holiday season!

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Friggin’ is a fabulous word. It can emphasize anything.  You get a much stronger feeling when you say  “it is so friggin’ cold” or “my boss is a friggin’ dufus”.  It even feels good to say it.  If a study were to be done on how using certain words can reduce stress, I am sure this word should be included in the study.  After I say, “my gosh, the people at that insurance company are so friggin incompetent”,   I  just feel better than I did the second before I said it.

I am now going to take a nap.  Baby ate every 3 hours last night and I am so friggin’ tired.

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first post, initial word

Clearly, I started a blog today.  Baby finally sleeping in my arm and after two kids, I have become capable of typing one handed.  I don’t type well, fast. or accurately, but I can type.  I have decided to talk about words that make me smile.  Some words are just fun the way they roll off your tongue.  If I can find the perfect sentence in which to use one of these words, I find myself giggly on the inside. 

My first word is amock – as in “my children are running amock”.  One of my favorite words, amock.  The dictionary says it means to run around in a murderous rage.  Well, obviously my children, one at  3 years of age and the other, 9 months, aren’t criminals, but I love the sound of the word “amock”.  And the word seems to describe the wild abandon in which the children zoom around the house.  The 9 month old doesn’t actually yet zoom, heck, she just learned to crawl.  But just imagine a 3 year old with boundless energy who thinks rules do not apply to her and a 9 mo old who can’t run but wants to and makes up for lack of locomotion by screaming her head off.   That is my house everday and everyday…

                                                my children are running  “amock”.

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