Words to Grin By

A clever word makes for a good day


As in “that idiot is such a buffoon”.  Even the way to spell this word is slightly comical;  double f’s, double o’s, starts with the same letters that start the words butte, buttock, buckaroo, bum.   I can’t tell you what the official definition is because, as will often be the case, I have a sleeping baby in my arms and I can’t go around searching for the ‘end all, be all’ book, “the dictionary” (I will find it and keep it on my desk from now on, within reach of my available arm).   But I am quite sure it says something like “an adjective, describes someone of a stupid nature,  a moron, an imbecile, an idiot, or someone who lacks any thread of common sense”. 

You may wonder how this word came into my head.  I was telling a friend a story about a man whom I once worked for.  I was 9 months pregnant, at work, and my water broke.  I was quite sure of it but having never been pregnant before, there was room for a little doubt due to my lack of experience.  I told this man I had to leave for the hospital, my water broke, and I was pretty sure I was going to have a baby… imminantly.  His response? “You just peed in your pants a little.  It happens to pregnant women all the time.  I need sales tax submitted today”.  I lingered until my contractions were 10 minutes apart, I could not contact my husband, and I had to drive myself to the hospital clenching with each wave of back pain and both mortified and terrified I might give birth on the side of the road, alone.  That idiot man that I worked for was indeed, a buffoon.


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